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Unlock actionable data and key connections to advance your business growth in urban development

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Your aspirations shape the cities of tomorrow. Find plots, evaluate the market, integrate with your systems, make the best of new projects.

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Find projects at perfect planning or construction stage for your sales pitch. RADAR and PRO memberships bring hot contacts right to you.

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We offer integrated data and real-time market insights

Multiple data integration

A centralized platform that consolidates data from multiple sources to get valuable insights.

We leverage automation and data enrichment to provide deeper insights.

Timely insights

Data is timely and relevant, providing you with a current view of the market conditions and opportunities.

Technical depth

Make informed choices backed by detailed technical data improving the accuracy and reliability of your decisions.

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Update rate

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API integration

Integrate with our API, ensuring real-time updates and streamlined workflows in your systems.

Tools for new developments and growth opportunities

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Get targeted news and stay ahead of the game

2.99 € / mėn.

Stay updated with real-time notifications tailored to the latest changes in construction projects and locations. Our data is continuously refreshed, ensuring its relevance. Easily customize your alerts using settings and filters to receive the news that matters most to you.

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Citify PRO

Accelerate the business with hot leads

Nuo 30 € / mėn.

The PRO membership unlocks project stages and contractor contacts, essential for accurate project assessment and focused sales. Formulate sales strategies targeting specific projects, evaluate market potential, and understand the competitive landscape based on active developments.

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Master the residential market insights

Nuo 100 € / mėn.

The PULSE offers insights into housing trends, sales metrics, and forthcoming listings. It delivers a comprehensive market overview, detailing sales, prices and supply-demand shifts. Dive deep into projects down to individual units.

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Streamline your search for new developments

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Explore a land plot database with regulatory details. Assess potential constraints using city plans and regulations. Consider infrastructure and vital limitations. Form a portfolio for potential developments.

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