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Master the residential market insights

Dive deep into the residential market with real-time housing trends, sales stats and upcoming listings. From investors to realtors, PULSE Membership offers detailed, data-driven insights.

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Real time tracking

PULSE facilitates continuous monitoring of live listings, sales, and pricing trends, while also integrating historical data for a more comprehensive market overview.

Project evaluation

Attain a granular understanding of varied real estate projects.

Delve into pivotal KPIs to optimize market positioning based on empirical data.

Sales speed


Price median (m2)
21 %

2,785 €

Days on market
16 %


Estimated value

30.7M €

Diverse property assessment

Evaluate properties from contemporary apartments to row housing. PULSE ensures access to an exhaustive data spectrum.

Discover tomorrow's projects today

PULSE provides insights into early planning stage projects, equipping you with foresight into upcoming market developments.

Elevate your knowledge with listing analysis

PULSE allows for monitoring of listing trends, from their duration on the market to pricing adjustments and novel additions.

Equip yourself with knowledge that helps in formulating tactics and strategies in the residential market.

With regular updates and trends, always be a step ahead of the competition.

Tap into housing trends today!

Nuo 100 € / mėn.

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